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Rubber compound

Our company received the order for EPDM rubber (30-95 shore A), rubber CR (30-95 shore A), and NBR rubber (30-95 shore A).


All types of compound are produced at CS Rubber Co., Ltd in Thailand. This is the second largest compound manufacturing company in the Thai market. With advanced machine technology, modern laboratory. Will meet all requirements of mechanical properties of rubber compound. We have COA, CO, Reach, ROSH if you require.


This would be the right solution for the customer if not enough machines and equipment to produce, and also want to keep his workshop clean.


The processing time is about 1 to 2 weeks, if you have a ready-made application. About 3-4 weeks if you need a new formulation based on the physical properties of the product.

Rubber raw materials CS Rubber used from major suppliers such as Mitsui, Exon Mobbil, Lanxess, Zeon ...

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